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Envision Picnics

Whether at a park, beach or simply your backyard it's always a great day for a picnic. Enjoy a comfortable and perfectly beautiful, elegant set up that'll leave you delighted. Allow us to provide an opportunity for you to relax, enjoy decadent pastries and enjoy a serene environment. Our goal is to provide a wonderful experience that'll bring you and your loved ones together.

Picnic & Pastries Packages


Picnic Add Ons

Photographer: Half Hour for $50

Teepee Tent

Balloon Garland: $20

Guest Seating Cards: $10


Picnic and pastries: A Perfect Combination for the Perfect Day

Our picnic service is perfect for any occasion. Whether it's a family gathering, a fun night with friends, or a romantic date night, our delicious pastries and desserts will make it a special event. We also offer bookings for larger groups and can customize the menu to suit the occasion. With our picnic service, you can be sure to have a fun and memorable time

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