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Meet the Baker

Sharika Lloyd



Envision Pastries started with the vision of Owner, Sharika Lloyd. Her passion for pastries began as a child, baking with her grandmother. Following graduation, she chose to further her education mastering culinary skills at Le Cordon Bleu located in Pittsburgh, Pa. After earning her degree, she began working full-time at Eadie's Kitchen and Market with head Pastry Chef and Mentor Jeffery Julian along with other inspirational colleagues.

Since then, Sharika has grown to be one of the most talented, imaginative young pastry chefs sharing her creative and artistic visions with the world. With opportunities like Miami’s Art Basel, Apex's Mayoral Inaugural Ball, and hosting her very own showcase – sis is known for bringing culinary visions to life. Just ask celebrity clients Jim Jones and Steve J. Simply put, her style and technique of crafting delectable desserts are unmatched. 


What started off as a dream turned into a reality. Pastry Chef, Sharika Lloyd is now a mother of four and enjoys baking with a family of her own. That is the drive behind her passion. 


Envision Pastries is located in Raleigh, North Carolina where we provide everything from traditional flavors, to an innovative mix. All desserts are made from scratch and hand-crafted with love. Order a custom-made array of mouthwatering pastries for every special occasion.


Let’s begin our first of many celebrations together!

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